With a real estate career that began selling retail and office investment properties for one of the largest commercial brokerages in the world, I know the factors that make a real estate investment successful. It was this background that allowed me to see the potential in residential real estate investments in the Phoenix market.

There are many different investment options and strategies in the residential market depending on the individual investor’s preference. Some investors prefer to buy and hold, others choose to fix and flip. Some investors prefer to buy entry-level single family homes, some look for luxury homes and still others only invest in multi-unit buildings. Also, the methods of purchasing residential investments can include financing with as little as 10% down to paying all cash. Whatever your investment strategy, I will provide you the most thorough information available to make an informed investment. From sale and rent comparables to larger market trends, I can show you where to take advantage of the current residential market.

Having worked with numerous investors, I know that having the right partners in place after closing can be just as important as finding the right property. Knowing this, I can also provide the necessary contacts to make your investment successful after closing, from contractors specializing in complete remodels to property managers and even lenders who might have specialized lending programs that work better for investors.

Please contact me to begin receiving alerts on residential investments opportunities in the Phoenix market.